About Stafford Street Originals

I've always been a "maker." Thinking back to when I was a little girl--growing up on Stafford Street in Portland, Oregon--my hands were often busy creating.  There were the yearly requests to Santa to bring me a craft kit of some kind, whether it was the battery-operated pottery wheel, the potholder weaving loom with the nylon loops (and later, a larger scale wooden loom to make placemats), a flower-making kit...you get the idea. Happily, Santa was very supportive of my creative endeavors and often came through! 

After graduating from college (not with an art degree) I went to night school to become a certified Floral Designer, subsequently working as the lead designer in a local florist for a couple of years. After marrying and starting our family, I made the choice to be a stay-at-home-mom while our 4 children were small.  Even during those years, I continued to create, making gifts for others, participating in any number of craft fairs and bazaars, and at one point, had a sales representative selling my line of 'gingerbread' ornaments to stores throughout the Northwest.

In the last many years, a lot of "life" has happened taking me away from "making" and crafting opportunities.  I've daydreamed of one day returning to avidly creating and making, and sharing my style of art with others on a grander scale. Which brings me to the present.

Knowing I was created to create, and as a five-year survivor of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, let’s just say the time is now or never! I’ve long wanted to share what’s in my creative heart with others and so I'm happy to introduce you to Stafford Street Originals.

Every creation has a story, just like each person does, and I'll be sharing these through my blog, Stafford Street Stories (coming soon). Perhaps something I create will become a part of your story, encouraging you, bringing beauty into your surroundings, or just simply make you smile and bring you joy.