Santa's Magic Key--Bright Gold-Brushed White

Santa's Magic Key--Bright Gold-Brushed White

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Have you ever wondered how Santa delivers presents and goodies to children who live in homes --or are staying in dwellings--without chimneys or fireplaces?  I'll let you in on a secret, Santa has a magic key!  The magical* key is hung on the door on Christmas Eve so that Santa can easily gain entry and leave his gifts for the household.

Details:  This magical* key comes with two components--the key and the official "Santa's Magical Key" tag so you know it's the real thing!  Both are made from two layers of laser-cut wood and painted in 3 varying finishes and one natural wood option.

But how will the key be hung on the door on Christmas Eve?  Check out Santa's Magic Key Door Hanger!

Materials:  maple, walnut, or birch wood; wood glue, non-toxic acrylic paint, polyacrylic matte sealant, natural cotton, or hemp cording.

Key:  6 " L x 2" W x 1/4" thick
Tag:  3-1/2" L x 3" W x 1/4" thick

*Christmas magic only